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English plus Fashion

A Wardrobe Full of Clothes but Nothing to Wear

This course is mostly for women who are confronted by the question of what to wear almost every day.

You will kill two birds with one stone! On the one hand, you will learn new fashion-related vocabulary and practice speaking. On the other hand, you will learn something new, and you will be able to apply that new knowledge all your life!

I invite you to take part in this class if you:
- don’t know what to wear;
- cannot decide what clothes to buy when you go shopping;
- possess items in your wardrobe which you have had for several years but have never worn;
- are not sure how to combine things together;
- want changes in your appearance but do not know how to begin.

The analysis of your wardrobe
Colour types
Figure types
Optical illusions
Staples and basic things
Combinations and capsules
Kibbe types
Further steps on the way to your personal style.

This course will help you create a serviceable wardrobe, where your favourite things fit you and are easily combined. You will stop buying unnecessary items, which hang in your wardrobe for years. You will feel great at any occasion. And you will never ask this question again, what to wear!